GI MAP DNA Stool Analysis with Zonulin

GI Map-DNA Stool Analysis with zonulin by qPCR offered by Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, US. This is a Functional medicine advanced Lab that looks at the GUT microbiome. We are an official provider in India. Shipping to the US will be Extra and you have to pay these charges to FedEx.

Product Introduction :

The GI-MAP is a comprehensive stool analysis that looks at DNA and uses quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) technology to evaluate gut pathogens, bacterial infections, viruses, and parasites.

Unlike other comprehensive stool testing offered the market, the GI-MAP identifies the quantitative value corresponding to each biomarker. This quantitative analysis allows practitioners to see how high or low a value is and whether it needs to be treated. The positive and negative values other stool testing analyses provide lack this specificity.

The GI-MAP uses qPCR technology that looks at the DNA of the pathogens within the gut (rather than the DNA of the patient). This gene-sequencing technology offers unmatched insight into precisely what is occurring in a patient’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Treatment progress can be monitored on retests by viewing whether the quantitative value of a biomarker has responded to treatment.

The GI-MAP also reports on antibiotic resistance and virulence factors, helping to take the guesswork out of treatment. The gut is highly complex; and, the GI-MAP optimizes the practitioner’s ability to practice personalized, precision medicine by reporting on the specific DNA findings within a patient’s microbiome.

  1. We will send you a test kit for the collection of a stool sample. Kit contains all information and tools to collect the sample. Our team will guide you for that. 
  2. FedEx- You need to contact FedEx for the collection of samples. They will ask you for the necessary documents. These are
    1. Noninfectious certificate –  Your Kit contain this
    2. Commercial Invoice–  Your Kit contains this
    3. Your ID proof–  You need to provide this
  3. Once you book with FedEx you need to collect a sample and Pack it.
  4. The sample will be picked up by FedEx and shipped to the US
  5. Reports will arrive in 10 to 15 days